Defining contemporary sustainable beauty

Hello! We are Caitlin and Christina, two local North Vancouver stylists with a passion for our community and our planet.

We believe that beauty is accessible to everyone and can also be sustainable. Being green is not just a term; it’s part of our heart and soul. At The Dye Lot, being green is who we are and what we stand for.

We are a proud Certified Green Circle Salon. In committing to being environmentally friendly, we put our collective minds together to create - and put in place - a list of green initiatives. Doing so ensures our salon is as eco-conscious and sustainable as possible.

From the energy-efficient design of our salon, use of eco-friendly hair and learning products, and a focus on the ‘three Rs’, no action is too small when working together towards a happier and healthier future. We even recycle hair which is used to create booms to soak up oil spills.